Guitar Lessons

Guitar Intro $99 – 6 lessons

Not sure if guitar is for you or your child?  Our intro package includes loan of a guitar for the first six lessons.  All music and materials are provided.  The easiest and most affordable way to try our guitar lessons.

Lessons Geared To Your Tastes and Skill Level

Our private lessons customized to your musical taste and ability.  We want to get from where you are to where you want to be as easily as possible.  Theory is integrated so you learn how keys, scales and chords work together on the fretboard instead of just on staff paper.

Acoustic or Electric?

It is myth that you should start on acoustic guitar.  This has been repeated for generations, with the line, “you need to build your callouses”.  The truth is it’s actually easier to start on an electric guitar.

Electric guitars use thinner strings because they don’t need to resonate the whole body for sound, and have about 30% less tension on them than acoustic strings.  As well, the body is slimmer making it more comfortable to play.  The result is you can play an electric guitar longer before your fingers get sore.  The longer practice sessions mean you progress faster and get less frustrated.  You wouldn’t start to bowl with the heaviest ball, or start baseball with the heaviest bat because you need to focus on mechanics first, then add strength.  The same is true with guitar.

Anything you can play on an acoustic guitar can also be played on an electric.  The reverse is not true.  We recommend starting on an electric even if it’s just for a few months to get the basics down before transitioning to an acoustic (if you prefer acoustic).  Everything you learn will be directly transferable to an acoustic guitar, you’ll just have to press harder.

However you can still start on an acoustic, just be aware it will be more difficult, especially if you’re a complete beginner



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